Barbell Bench Press-Best Workout for Chest and Shoulder

Today,we will introduce you Barbell Bench Press,a basic workout that almost all people works out at gym. It’s highly benefited for those who want to improve chest,shoulders and some little bit triceps.

What is Barbell Bench Press?

Barbell Bench Press
Well,it’s a workout that you lie at the bench and after that,you lift the dumbell.

Types of Bench Press

There are three main types of Bench Press,the first type is a lying Bench Press,which is for the middle of your chest. The second of Bench Press is 45 degree Upper,which will focus for the Upper of your Chest. And the last one is 45 Degree Lower Chest,which is for the lower of your chest of course.
Basically,in a Chest Workout Day,it’s recommended to train all these excercises in order to improve your chests at up to 3 groups.
As we are lifting,so,the purpose of this is to make your chest bigger and bigger. In fact,if you are new to gym,it’s not recommended for Cable Fly so you will need to train Barbell Bench Press instead.

Rules for Bench Press

Barbell Bench Press
Despite being the most basic workout at gym,there’s no doubt that’s a lot people are doing wrong. First off,as you can see from the image above,the barbell should touch your chest.
A lot people try to lift too heavy and as a results,they don’t touch and that’s not enough ROM for an excercises. If you feel the weight you lift is too heavy for you,it’s recommended to ask someone for help.

How Long Should You Train

This will depend on your workout plan.

But to my personal opinion,you should bench press at least once a week. And you shouldn’t bench press more than 3 times a week. As you know,muscle need to be rested if you actually want to grow it.
Basically,grow your chest,enhance your Triceps and Shoulder is a process,not an event so you should train frequent as we recommend.
It’s not neccessary to lift too heavy,just lift at your correct strength and do it frequent.

For me,i train around 5-6 sets and each sets i will lift 10 Reps. It’s also OK if you Lift using Pyramid Methods. But whenever you lift,make sure that you have 100% Focusing on what you are training and please train at a correct technique.

Final Verdict

In summary,after posting an article about Barbell Bench Press,i hope that you understand about the excercise. It’s really simple to workout so that you should do it frequently (at least once a week) and should be with the correct technique of course. In the long run,you can improve your chest,thinner will grow bigger while fatter will make their muscle more vascular. Thank you for reading this post,if you like it,please share 🙂

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