Paleo Diet Introduction-What you Need to Know about This

If you are reading about Diet on the internet in order to lose weight,then you will care about Paleo Diet. In fact,healthy people are utilizing this diet and they has gained some success.
Not just that,this Diet are also popular for BodyBuilder or Fitness person because this can bring us more protein and less Cacbonhydrate.
In this post,i’m going to show you what is Paleo Diet and why you should care.

So,What is Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet
Well,this is a diet that was first applied by Ancients Men. This will focus a lot on Protein and remove Bad Nutrients. As a results,you can lose weight without losing too much calories.
With this diet,you will limit some food and instead,you’ll focus on nutrients from natural like Fruit,Vegetables,etc.

The Paleo Diet Pyramid

In order to have you understand about this diet,i have design a Pyramid for this diet.

Some kinds of Meats Like Eggs,Chicken,Beaf and a lot can bring you huge protein. Beside,you will eat Food,Vegetables and Nuts in order to improve your calories.
As you can see,we have minize unwanted Fat and Rice.

Pros of Paleo Diet

  • Minimize Cholesterol and Avoid Diabetes
  • Require Fat from Olive Oil hence you can minimize Bad Toxic
  • You can control Calories you absorb
  • If you need More Calories for Gym,Martial Arts,Sport,you can increase Additional Calories from Nuts

Cons of Paleo Diet

  • Doesn’t Include Cereal and Beans
  • No Milk in This Diet this means you lack Calcium
  • For Some People,it’s Somewhat Expensive

What to Eat on Paleo Diet?

I have a pyramid on what to eat and what not to eat here. Hope that you understand what to prior and what you can eat.
This sounds strange for some people but yes,if you run a Paleo Diet,you need to have this.

My Recommendation

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As what i say before,no matter what types of Diet you are running,you must focus on Protein and prior it. Inside that training course,you will learn how to performs this the correct way.
And the best stuffs,it helps you not just change your diet but also your habit. This is so important to keep you healthy. Hope after this post,you have a plan for yourself.
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